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Making a Difference Grants
Fall 2017

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This season the Mackinac Island Community Foundation is proud to award $48,779.46 to 7 nonprofit organizations working to enhance quality of life on Mackinac Island. Congratulations to all recipients!

Fall 2017 Grants

Spring 2017 Grants

The Mackinac Island Community Foundation announces the spring Grant Awards. Stephanie McGreevy, executive director, “The Mackinac Island Community Foundation is so excited to award these grants for the spring 2017 cycle. These organizations are doing great work for our community. The Mackinac Island Community Foundation is looking forward to seeing our artists, students and residents taking advantage of the programming being done by these organizers.” The Mackinac Island Community Foundation is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to improving and enriching life for residents and visitors of Mackinac Island. Our Community Foundation was established as a source of charitable capital for the island. On average 450 gifts have been given yearly for the past five years. Total gifts since 1994 amount to more than $2.5 million. Our current asset size built up over the past twenty years is a more than $10 million dollars and with continuing support and prudent investment management should increase the impact in the future.

The following are grant highlights of Spring 2017:

(Download PDF for more details.):

FLOW (For the Love of Water) was granted $1,500.00 for the Not In My Water project which will bring awareness and community engagement about Line 5 to the Mackinac Island community. It is granted from the Natural Resources Preservation Fund.

Mackinac Arts Council (MAC) received 2 awards: $3,000.00 was awarded for the Music in the Park project. This projects brings high quality regional music artists to Mackinac Island to perform. This was funded through the Marlee Brown Fund for Community Arts. $2,500.00 was for Classical Music which hosts high quality local and regional music artists on Mackinac Island funded through the Marlee Brown Fund for Community Arts. The Classical Music Programs is a co-operation of the Mackinac Island Community Foundation and the Mackinac Arts Council.

Mackinac Associates was granted $1,200.0 for British Landing Taxidermy Mounts. This project is for taxidermy costs for birds and squirrels for a natural history exhibit at the British Landing Nature Center and is funded through the Erin Lynne Shufelt Environmental Fund.

Mackinac Horsemen’s Association was awarded multiple grants:

  • $500 for the Community Unification Project which will bring all kids , parents, families and neighbors together at the Mackinac County Equestrian Center each Thursday for cookout and festivities surrounding 4-H. Funded though the Youth Fund.

  • $2,000.00 for the Denise Webber 3 Day Clinic and Mock Horse Show which will help cover the cost and stipend to Denise Weber, horse show judge, instructor, and clinician from Nottawa Paint Horses. Funded through the General Fund.

  • $1,370.00 for the Summer Saddle Project which will allow MHA to purchase some essential updates to their horse tack supplies providing increased safety for horse and rider. Funded through the Dr. Rex and Elizabeth Orr Fund for Animals.

Mackinac Horsemen’s Association and the Mackinac Island Children’s Riding Academy were granted $1600 the Young Riders Academy, a weekly intermediate clinic to augment instruction and guidance for young adults, 10-16 years old with the goal of building a bond between these young riders. Funding is obtained from the General Fund.

Mackinac Island Recreation Department was awarded multiple grants:

  • ADA Path: To add an ADA path at Great Turtle Park $6,500.00 General Fund
  • Golf Scholarships: To provide scholarships to youth who would like to participate in the Junior Golf program $300.00 Charlie Williams Fund
  • Sailing School: To provide small boat training to new sailors and purchase inflatable jackets with harnesses $1,206.00 Bart Huthwaite Boating Fund
  • Sports Camps: To help cover the cost of housing for our basketball and "Sporties for Shorties" camps $2,000.00
  • Youth Fund: $344.00 General Fund
  • Summer Sport Equipment: To purchase equipment for 2 new youth programs offered this summer: l lacrosse and tennis. $175.00 Youth Fund $262.95 General Fund

City of Mackinac Island was granted for resupplying community hall kitchen to purchase new equipment to improve food service and safety. This grant is $4,478.00 from the General Fund.

Mackinac Island Public School was granted $3,000.00 for Summer School. The project includes the Summer School Opportunities: Extended School Year, GRASP, and Reading Rewards programs. This was granted through the General Fund. Mackinac Island Public School was awarded $1,200.00 for the MSU Exploration Days 4-H Camp. Students in grades 6-8 will visit MSU for an Exploration Day which will provide opportunities, experiences and resources above and beyond what is available in our community. This will be funded through the Youth Fund.

Mackinac Straits Hospital Foundation was granted for the Portable Ultrasound Machine project. This will allow the Mackinac Island Medical Center to purchase a portable ultrasound for patient treatment. This project will be funded through the following funds: $12,149.47 from the Beaumont Fund, $2,463.06 from the Donald and Valerie Bortz Fund and $387.47 from the Health and Medical Fund.

Michilimackinac Historical Society was granted $5,000.00 for the Mackinac Island Native Arts and Culture Project which will present 20-25 public programs and one keynote event on Native American arts and culture on Mackinac Island in summer 2017. This is funded through the Marlee Brown Fund for Community Arts.

Ste. Anne Catholic Church received 2 grants. $2,000.00 is being provided for the employee worker’s night, which will provide a hot meal to the island workers once a week during the summer. This is granted through the Community General Fund. A grant for the resupplying of the Ste. Anne’s Kitchen will be used to purchase kitchen supplies to improve performance and food safety. The grant is funded through the General Fund.


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