Thank you, donors!

We greatly appreciate our generous donors. Here is a list of people who donated to MICF in 2016.

24th Michigan Volunteer Infantry
Allen, Susan
Allen, William and Jean
Amazon Smile
American Endowment Foundation
Anderson, Glenna R.
Andress, Bill and Terri
Arbib, Christine
Armour, Grace
Armstrong, Janice
Artistic Mackinac Gallery
Banashak, Harold and Joyce
Barch, Joan
Barger, Fran and Peter Marabell
Barlekamp, Robert
Barnwell, Mary Jane
Barnwell, Becki
Barnwell, Sam and Lisa
Bazineau, Kaitlynn
BeDour, Betty
Bell, David and Janet
Benjamin, Robert and Beverly
Bennett, Susan
Benser, Robert G.
Benser, Robert J.
Bentgen, John and Barbara
Berenguer, Janet
Berke, Larry and Kay
Biskner, Lawrence
Bloswick, Alice and Frank
Bloswick, Clark S.
Bogan, James & Mary Bird
Bolander, Richard and Jackie
Bossung, Dorothy
Boudreau, Roy and Susan
Bowman, Gregory
Brandonisio, Joe and Diane
Breckenridge, James and Jennifer
Briscoe, Becky and John Ringwelski
Brock, Lisa and Pete Pelerito
Broehl, Margo
Bruni, VJ
Bunker, Brenda and Clay Fuller
Bunker, Clark, Winnell and Nuorala
Bunker, Elaine and Isaac
Bunker, Trish
Burrows, George J.
Byers, Brenda and Michael
Bynoe, Judith Anne
Callewaert, Victor
Cameron, John and Ann
Campbell, Jack
Capo, Thomas and Marilou
Capstone Leadership
Card, Barbara
Card, Mary
Carley, Michael and Debora
Carley, Mona
Cawthorne, Dennis and Cynthia
Cebelak, Richard and Patricia
Chambers, Brad & Nancy
Chase, Laurie H.
Childers, Shaaron
Chippewa Hotel
Cislak, Greg and Cathy
Cleary, Joseph and Anne
Coe, Richard and Debra
Collins, Michyle
Collins, Tom & Geri
Cornell, Stephen E.
Cowley, Irene and Gary
Crane, Ed and Star
Crane, Kimberly
Crane, Stephanie
Croghan, Melissa
Cunningham, Mimi
Danford, Gary and Marilyn
Dehring, Jack
Dehring, Sarah
DeLisio, Paul
Demmer, Marguerite
Dieleman, James and Arliss
Dietsch, Jeff and Sherrie
Dombrowski, Tony and Allison
Donaldson, Tom and Linda
Donlan, Robert and Paula
Doran, Merlin and Shannon
Dorman, Robin
Doud, Charlotte
Doud, Margaret
Doud’s Market
Doughty, Sarah
Dufina Hayes, Frances
Dufina, Mary
Dumke, Rae
Dupre, Jeff and Christi
Duvall, Dean and Sandra
Eichler, David and Kathleen
Eiseler, Laura
Elliott, Joseph, Ellen, Jackson & Melanie
Elser, Douglas
Enos, Marci and Matthew
Entwistle, Frederick and Carol
Ernster, Charlotte
Falk, Dan and Anne
Farrell, Annie
Farrell, Bill and Mariann
Faulk, Kris and David
Fenlon, J Michael
Ferguson, James and Linda
Fike, John and Bonita
Findley, Brian and Christina
Finkelstein, Marjie and Stan
Forrest, Jean
Fox, Elizabeth
Foxworthy, Sharon
Frazier, Tony and Tammy
Freeth, Douglas and Lucia
Futterer Family
Galloway, Nancy
Gamble, Mike
Gault, Anne and John
Gidley, Sarah and Mike
Goeckel, Donald and Dianne Weidner
Goehler, Daniel and Amy
Goodman, George and Judith
Graham, Kristi and Alex
Grand Hotel
Graves, Denise and Russell
Griffin, Jennifer
Griffith, Nikki
Gula, Robert
Guns-n-Hoses Tournament
Hahn, William
Hampton, Becky and Darrel
Harper, Stephen & Mary
Hart, Cammie
Hart, Michael
Haveman, James and Barbara
Hawks, Shirley and Gary
Heafield, Pat and David
Hegarty, Jane
Hegarty, Michael and Sharon
Hellis, Barbara and Brian
Hellmich, Aldred
Hempstead, James and Susanne
Hendricks, Don and Karen
Holton, Earl and Donnalle
HopkinsBurns Design Studio, PLLC
Hoppenrath, Kay
Horn, Rosemary and Lance
Horn’s Gaslight Bar
Horton, Ted and Brenda
Hrubes, James
Huibregtse, John and Rogene
Hutchison, Peyton and Betty
Hygh, Tim and Karen
Institute for Competitive Design
Iroquois Hotel
Island Bookstore
Johnson, Sarah
Kaminen, Cory and Carrie
Karluk, Michael
Keeney, Robin and Patrick
Kelley, Frank J.
Kellogg Foundation
Kelsey, Sara
Kindred, Calla
King, Kirby and Jennifer
Kish, Lawrence
Kleber, Charles and Marsha
Kohler, Terry
Konicki, Linda and Mike
Kopecki, Steven Blair
Korenstra, Bruce and Sandra
Kovalak, Sam and Barbara
Krenz, Kathleen
Kriss, Ray and Nancy
Kroha, John and Anne
Kromer, Phil
Kudwa, Andrew

LaBorde, Jean and Nancy
Leeper, Tim
Lemieux, Eric
Lenfestey, Jim and Susan
Lennard, Gary and Karen
Lincoln, Stanley and Patricia
Lindsay, Susan
Link, Eunice
Linn, Margaret
Linn, Richard
Little Stone Church
Lockwood, Thomas and Annie
Lynch, Daniel and Karen
M.P. Gamble Construction
Mackinac Arts Council
Mackinac Island Cottagers Association
Mackinac Memories, LLC
Mackinac Resorts
Mackinac’s Little Gallery
Makela, Pollack & Ahonen, PLLC
Mann, Harold
Manoogian Foundation
Mansfield, Joyce
Mansfield, Samantha
Marsh, Rich and Nancy
Martin, Alice
Martin, Patricia
Martin, Sean
May, Nancy
Mc Intire, Margaret A
McAuliffe, Jerome and Kathy
McCabe, Timothy and Anita
McCanney, Fran
McCormick, Dave and Peggy
McGovern, Thomas
McGraw, Harriet
McGreevy, Andrew and Stephanie
Menzies, John
Metivier Inn
Metting, Barbara
Meyer, Frank and Rebecca
Miller, Bruce and Sue
Miller, Joe and Glora
Miller, Michael and Robin
Mitchell, Martin and Shirlee
Mondelli, Gloria
Montag, Anthony
Montecino,John & Kathy
Monterio, Anne
Moran, Patrick and Deborah
Morie, Jacki
Morse, Mary
Morse, Urvana
Morton, Wadye E
Moskwa, Steve and Patti Ann
Murray, Jim and Trisha
Myers, Matt and Anneke
Nelson, Rodney and Nancy
Nephew Enterprises
Nephew, Frank and Joan
Nephew’s of Mackinac
Ness, Barbara and Arlin
Niesen, Dale and Teresa
Nitzschke, Holly
Noffze, Elaine
Nold, Carl
North Family
Northern MI Osteopathic Assoc. Inc.
O’Connell, Renuka
O’Keefe, Peggy and Dennis
Olson, Marta and Peter
Opello, John and Stephanie Andrus
Osborne, Charles and Rosanne
Osolinik, Carolyn
Ott, Richard and Jane
Parrish, Les and Anne
Peck, Stephen and Lorrie
Pelton, Martha
Pereny, Chuck and Katie
Peterson, Dale and Diana
Peterson, Norman
Petrides, Randall and Elizabeth
Pettit, Jim and Brenda
Pfeiffelmann, Thomas and Linda
Pietrantonio, Donna
Plotkowski, Patricia
Plunkett, Mary Dennany
Porter, Nancy
Porter, Phil and Valerie
Prendergast, Patricia
Provan, Alison
Pugh, Brian and Allison
Pure Michigan Boat Cruises
Puttkammer, Charles and Cordelia
Putz, Louis and Marilynn
Rado, Kathryn
Ramsay, David and Patricia
Ravitz, Hugh
Rearick, Doug and Carol
Reeser, Nancy
Reitman, James and Michele
Rentrop, Gary and Sue
Rettich, Kevin and Jean Marie
Rickley, Larry and Irene
Rickley, Lawrence and Kathleen
Riel, Richard and Victoria
Rilenge, Steven and Julie
Riordan, Dan and Virginia
Roache, Daniel and Susan
Roe, Jim and Sandy
Rollinger, George and Kathleen
Rossio, Mary
Roush, William and Rosalie
Ruegg, Philip and Mary Kaye
Ruess, Nancy
Russo, Patricia
Sawatzki, Joanne
Schad, Cynthia
Schulte, Michael and Marcy
Schwartz, Emily
Schwartz, Mary
Scott Rausch Family
Shafer, Robert
Shamery, Janna
Sharrow, Buck and Alice
Shea, Daniel and Diane
Shepler, Bill
Shufelt, Brenda
Simmons, Brad
Slater, Joan
Soued, Rick and Joanne
Spata, Tony and Loretta
St. Onge, Jason and Marielle
St. Onge, Anne
Stakoe, Joseph
Star Line Mackinac Island Ferry
Ste. Anne Church
Stein, Frank and Deborah
Stepanski, Raymond and Julie Bey
Stingel, Jay and Janet
Straus, Michael and Melissa
Straus, Christopher
Straus, Helen
Straus, Lorna Puttkammer
Stuck, Randy and Michelle
Styburski, Ken and Deborah
Sugrue, James
Sullivan, Joann and Thomas
Sweet, Kevin R.
Tauscher, Michael and Kathi
Taylor, Jewell
The Peter C. Cornell Trust
Timmons, Clayton and Anna
Toles, Edward and Gail
Tonnelli, Rev. Robert
Toon, Emily
Trinity Episcopal Church
Turbin, Edward J
Turner, Neill
Vanderstow, Jodie
Virgo, Paul
Vosberg, Sarah
Wachuta, Mary P.
Waggoner, Buzz
Walters, Pete and Carol
Warp, Harold G.
Wedding, Penny
Whitcomb, Larry and Deborah
Whiting, Robert M.
Wightman, Dan and Kathy
Winegar, Mary
Wittman, William
Wohletz, Dan and Jennifer
Wojcik, Mary
Women’s Wellness Weekend
Yankee Rebel Tavern
Young, Mike and Wendy
Young, Skip and Rachael
Youngs, Charlotte
Zaatari, Wissal
Zwolinski, Wayne and Joan