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Mackinac College 50-4-50 Campaign

In Leadership, life and all things it’s far wiser to judge people by their deeds than their speech – their track record rather than their talk.

   Rasheed Ogunlaru


50-4-50 Campaign
A challenge to raise $50,000
09/13/2019 - 09/13/2020
shared between

Mackinac College Legacy Fund
Mackinac Island Arts Council

Honoring 50th Anniversary of
Mackinac College Commencement

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Make no mistake Mackinac College was demanding and wonderful, challenging and magical, experimental and grounded…. All in the name of Excellence. Dr. McCabe’s (Chairman, Department of Drama and Theatre Arts) boast that Mackinac College was the ‘Best of the Best’ irrespective of longevity was/is far from hyperbole.

Like Mackinac College Life is an experiment…we never took our Mackinac College education for granted nor have we taken Life for granted…we were never passive observers but passionate participants in both.

Anything of value comes with a price...and a reward...and we have learned over these years just how rewarding ‘difficult’ can be.

We closed our doors but we never really left our college nor our Island. Both are Home.

Through the Mackinac College Legacy Fund and active involvement with the Mackinac Arts Council we are dedicated to remaining a contributing force in the history and future of Education, the Environment, and the Arts on Mackinac Island.

This challenge affords us the opportunity to speak up where our words fall short.

This challenge could be met by encouraging 100 people to part with $1.40 a day for a year ($42 @ month) in support of Education, the Environment, and the Arts on Mackinac Island. Donation values are never posted. No donation is too small.

If you are paying with PayPal seriously consider checking the box for reoccurring monthly donations. You may also set up reoccurring donations with your banks’ checking account bill paying feature using address: MICF. PO Box 933, Mackinac Island, Mi 49757

Note that there is an area for special instructions ie. "In Memory of" or "In Honor of." Your donation will be acknowledged in a Foundation listing by name and "In Memory of" or "In Honor of."

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    Wesam Fawzi