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Download the Legacy Society Sign-up Form (PDF format).

Mackinac Bridge at Sunset

Join us as members of the Legacy Society.

Future gifts or contributions made through estate planning utilize one of the simplest and most popular methods of supporting the Foundation. These gifts have been as unique as the people who made them and continue to make an enduring impact in our community.

The Legacy Society recognizes members for their foresight and commitment to the future of our community: and individual or couple who names the Mackinac Island Community Foundation as the beneficiary of any type of planned or deferred gift from their estate, such as in a will, trust, or other planned giving instrument, will be honored with membership. Joining the Legacy Society is simple and easy:

  1. Determine the type of gift you would like to give, and the fund you wish to designate your gift towards (the foundation is happy to assist you and/or your financial advisor in this process).

  2. Arrange for your estate to make your gift to the Mackinac Island Community Foundation through the planned giving instrument of your preference.

  3. Inform the foundation by submitting the Legacy Society Form to MICF, which can be found here:

    Legacy Society Form

Gifts to the community foundation are generally endowed and leave a permanent legacy in the Mackinac Island Community. Planned gifts can establish new funds or strengthen existing ones, can support your favorite organizations, or be unrestricted in nature. It’s up to you, and every gift, large or small, supports the cause you care about most, forever.

For more information about planned giving options or to submit your Legacy Society Form, please contact::

Mackinac Island Community Foundation
PO Box 933
Mackinac Island, MI 49757

The following individuals have notified the MICF of their planned gift through their will or estate plan. The MICF would like to thank them for their planned generosity and hope others will be inspired by their example.

Dennis and Cynthia Cawthorne
Brad and Nancy Chambers
Edward and Star Crane
Stephanie Crane
James and Arliss Dieleman
Jeannette Doud*
Margaret Doud
Alex and Kristi Graham
Frances Dufina Hayes*
Kirby and Jennifer King
Charles and Marsha Kleber
Tom and Kathy Lewand
Bill and Cam Liebold
Shaun and Emily Murray
Dan and Marlee Musser
Dennis O’Keefe*
Debra Orr
Sandra Orr
Charles and Cordelia Puttkammer
Doug and Carol Rearick
Nancy Reeser
Christopher Straus
Michael and Melissa Straus
Lorna Puttkammer Straus and Francis* Straus
Brian Suelzer
Mary Sullivan*
Bob Traxler*
Peter and Carol Walters


“Marsha and I value the MICF Legacy Society as a means for future enriching the quality of life for Mackinac Island residents, seasonal workers and visitors. We celebrate Mackinac Island’s caring and welcoming people, its historical sites and structures, its extraordinary four-seasons natural beauty, art & topography, and, above all, its enchanting atmosphere of specialness.”

Chuk and Marsha Kleber

MICF is a tax-exempt, 501(c)3 organization.