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Essential Needs Grant App

Essential Needs Grant App

Ways to Give


There are many options. Choose the one that's right for you.

Named Fund

If your gift meets a minimum of $5,000 (or $25,000 for a scholarship fund), we can establish a fund in your name (or the name of your family, an organization, or any person you wish to honor). All grants distributed from your fund—today and in the future—are awarded in your name. You will always be remembered and linked to good works on Mackinac. Visit our Start a Fund page for more information.

Outright Gift

You can transfer cash, stocks, bonds, real estate, or personal property to the Mackinac Island Community Foundation. Your gift qualifies for maximum charitable benefit under state and federal law. Contact the Executive Director for details.


You can designate a gift or portion of your estate to the Mackinac Island Community Foundation, and in some cases, receive a substantial reduction in federal gift and estate taxes.

Gift Annuity

You can transfer cash or property to the Mackinac Island Community Foundation now, get immediate tax benefits, and ensure that you or a loved one receive fixed quarterly or annual payments for life.

Charitable Remainder Trust

You can place cash or property in a trust that pays annual income to you or another named beneficiary for life. After your death, the remainder of the trust transfers to the Mackinac Island Community Foundation, and is placed in a charitable fund you select. You receive tax benefits the year you establish your trust.

Charitable Lead Trust

You can place cash or property in a trust that pays a fixed amount to the Mackinac Island Community Foundation for the number of years you select. Once this period ends, the assets held by the trust are transferred to the beneficiaries you name. In some cases, you receive a substantial reduction in federal gift and estate taxes. Every donor has unique charitable interests and personal financial circumstances.

Unrestricted Funds

You can use your gift to meet ever-changing community needs (which often cannot be anticipated at the time your gift is made). We evaluate all aspects of community well-being: arts and culture, economic development, education, environment, health and human services, neighborhood revitalization, and more. Your unrestricted gift is then used to make a difference where it is needed most.

Field of Interest Funds

You can target your gift to address needs in an important area of community life. Arts. Cancer. Aging. At-risk youth. You identify your personal interest area when making your gift. Our board awards grants to community agencies and programs that are making a difference in the area you select. View a list of our funds.

Designated Funds

You can direct your gift to a specific agency or purpose. Help provide ongoing funding for the Mackinac Island Medical Center, the Mackinac State Historic Parks, the Mackinac Island Public Library, your church, or virtually any non-profit charitable organization. You identify the recipient you wish to benefit through your gift; our staff manages the annual distribution of funds.

Advised Funds

You can have ongoing involvement in the use of your gift. You work with our professional grant-making staff, identifying ways to use dollars from your advised fund to address the community needs you care about most. Your recommendations are submitted to our local board of trustees for approval; we then manage distribution of your grant dollars.

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