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The Mackinac Island Community Foundation is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to improving and enriching life for residents and visitors of Mackinac Island.  Our Community Foundation was established as a source of charitable capital for the island.

View our video above on the snowmobile helmet grant.

A Board of Trustees, full-time staff, and volunteers from all segments of the Island community assist in raising the endowment's funds, managing them, and determining how to spend them to best benefit the Island's people and natural resources. 

We are very proud to have met new national standards that rank the Mackinac Island Community Foundation among the top nonprofits in the country, having complied with a tough set of new organizational and financial practices. More information....

We are grateful to the many individuals who contribute their time and energy to reach the goals of the Mackinac Island Community Foundation. We also encourage and appreciate the involvement of the youth in our community.

YAC 2014

2014 Youth Advisory Committee

The Foundation is comprised of many funds—some designated for specific needs—and others, unrestricted.  Visit the Funds page for details on the goals and origins of each fund. Consider remembering special friends and family members with memorials or honorariums set up by the Foundation.

A contribution to MICF lasts forever because it is put into an endowment managed by professionals.  The principal is never spent and continues to grow for years.  Donations and planned gifts from individuals, families, organizations, and businesses contribute to the Foundation’s growth.  Each year, income earned from the funds is the source for grants supporting Community Livability, Health Care, and Conservation and Preservation. Find out how about Applying for grants and view Recent Grants on the website.

The Mackinac Island Community Foundation offers donors an opportunity to make a lasting gift to Mackinac.  All gifts are welcome, regardless of their size; and all are tax-deductible.  Donations to the Community Foundation may also qualify for a special Michigan Income Tax Credit. Answer questions of Why Give?, How to Give and Tax Advantages by visiting these pages.

Thank you for your interest in the Mackinac Island Community Foundation. Please contact us for more information or donate on-line through this website.

Turtle Helmets

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Photo courtesy Liz Burt

Our Mission Statement:

Recognizing the dignity and beauty of Mackinac Island, the Mackinac Island Community Foundation serves the general well-being of Island residents and visitors. Our purpose is to raise permanent endowment and special purpose funds, manage them and distribute the earnings for charitable purposes. We are a vehicle to hold private resources for the Island’s common good. We operate under the simple concept that charitable money will grow over time when wisely invested and so will continue to have an impact long after the original gift is made.



Download the February 2015 newsletter...

Two New Funds

Mackinac Island Community Cancer Fund

This fund was created to help our island residents with the extensive costs of battling cancer. As an endowed fund, it will be able to provide assistance to people in need for the existence of our foundation. You can donate to the fund directly or help fill up one of the many collections jars placed in businesses around the Island. Locations include Doud’s Market, Little Luxuries, and the Mustang Lounge.

Steve and Anne Murray Fund

Newly created this past summer, this fund has already raised over $7,000 to help in areas of need on Mackinac Island. It is an un-endowed donor advised fund, and the fund creators may make recommendations to the Trustees for grants to be made. Donor Advised Funds are a great way to directly impact areas of interest in your philanthropy.


View the Financial Position for 2013.

View 2013 Financial Audit.

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