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Dear Friends,

As we continue to celebrate our 25th anniversary, we wish to express a huge THANK YOU to everyone who has supported the Mackinac Island Community Foundation.

Stephanie McGreevy, Executive Director and
James Murray, Chairman

Now is a good time to pause and reflect on not only what we have accomplished, but how we got there. It’s incredible when you think how far we have come since Margaret Doud, Amelia Musser and Bob Traxler sat at the same table 25 years ago and created the Community Foundation. Those same people inspired others by creating funds that have been long-lasting, such as the Mackinac Island Public Library Fund, the Historic Trinity Episcopal Church Fund and the Island Community Needs Funds. In the first year of granting we distributed $5,900 to 9 projects. Our net assets at the time were $215,987.

Now, thanks entirely to your support, as of the end of 2108, we have 78 funds and $11,822,818 in assets. Last year we distributed $587,349 in grants to 14 organizations all in an effort to promote the general well- being of Island residents and visitors by working in community partnerships to support Mackinac Island initiatives. Your support has preserved historic structures and horse traditions, helped sustain our school, library, churches and our Medical Center. Because of your generosity, we are pleased to say that our Island residents now have new housing choices and many of our graduating Island students have received post-secondary scholarships.